Class Room

There are sufficient number of class rooms with adequate furniture to accommodate two sections of the total number of the students.

Besides this there are subject rooms for the teaching and guidance work.

ICT Resource Centre

Since new Educational Technology has become an essential part of   the Teachers’ Training we provide different Audio Visual equipments for teaching practice and other relevant purpose. Modern Electronic  equipments are available in A.V. Lab.

ICT Resource Centre

Number of Computer systems


Availability of Internet facility

Computer Lab

Computer has become essential part of the education and without the knowledge of computer we perhaps can not prepare suitable teachers to meet the demands of teaching profession.

We have 13 Computers (with Networking) .

Internet & Video conference facilities in our Computer Lab.

Computer Lab is specially designed to fulfill the needs of technology for students.


There is a separate portion of the building allotted for Library and Reading room. Our Library posses 10663 Volumes . We subscribed  31 Educational and general Journals and Magazies. Four Hindi and one English daily papers are being subscribed in the Library.

a) Sitting capacity in the Reading Room